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Today's Best Rate for our Customers in CL&P territory
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Today's Best Rate for our Customers in UI territory
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Rick Bush - President
Advantage Energy LLC
361 Park Road
W. Hartford, CT 06119
Phone: 860.4ENERGY
Fax:     860.233.1576
About Us

We want to make the process easy for you.

Arbena Energy was conceived in December 2009 and founded on March 2nd, 2010. We based our company philosophy on the idea that every client, not just large users of electricity and gas, needs representation in the energy space. Our goal is to educate those making the purchasing decisions so that they are capable of making the choices that suit their unique needs. We take the time to explain to all of our clients that they have the choice to buy their Electricity and Natural Gas from any one of a number of suppliers. We provide the best pricing available and we explain the process of energy buying. By staying current with the market trends, we can offer an informed opinion about the importance of timing in the purchasing process to help reduce risk. Arbena Energy is an Energy Procurement firm. We have a large network of supplier relationships and we are able to shop all types of demand profiles to provide competitive pricing to any size client. We provide our customers with choices in the marketplace to help make the procurement process efficient and effective. We work to save our clients money as well as time. Our risk mitigation strategies help to provide price certainty for our clients whose risk tolerance is low, and we show our aggressive clients how they can hedge their usage to try to maximize fluctuations in the marketplace. (Not suitable for all clients) We are currently licensed to sell Electricity & Natural Gas in both Connecticut and New Hampshire and we will soon be licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New York & New Jersey. This will give us a competitive edge and will allow us to serve our clients with locations in multiple states. Arbena Energy works to serve the small and medium size users in the energy space as effectively as our competitors serve the large users. We want our business to be built one client at a time and we work to keep our focus on our customers. 

Arbena Energy LLC was formed to give you an advantage in today's deregulated energy market. We constantly monitor the energy markets to spot and identify trends. We offer our clients options in this changing market to keep them competitive. 

Competitive supply offers can save a significant amount of money in avoidable costs, and Arbena Energy is prepared to work for you.

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